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'cause I worth it

The meaning of worth it

It all began in 1971, when 23 year old advertising copy writer Ilon Specht was assigned the job to create a campaign for L'Oréal Paris' Préférence hair colour.
At a time when the voiceovers for women's beauty commercials were dictated exclusively by men and women were objectified both in the home and at work, Specht set out to challenge – and indeed, change – the norm. Consequently, model Meredith Baxter-Birney became the first person to say "Because I'm Worth It" when the revolutionary commercial aired that year, finally giving women a voice and an impetus to believe that they have value. It was a call to arms for all women to believe that they owe it to themselves to beautify themselves, not just so they look great but so they feel great too. It was the ultimate self-confidence boost.
As the slogan evolved over the years it went from the "I" in the 70s as emancipated women gained their individual independence, to the "you" in the 90s as a directive to women to empower themselves, until finally recently reaching its pinnacle celebration of the collective value of all womankind: "Because We're Worth It". Diane Keaton sees the importance of this stating, "I have always said it should be "we're" worth it, not "I'm worth it". Because we are. Women are powerful and I mean all women".

L'Oréal Paris' products are at the forefront of technology and innovation and using them is a means through which women are able to enhance their natural beauty, increase their self-confidence and by default their happiness. Forty years on and the signature remains just as symbolic of women's liberation and worth now as it did back then, inspiring women everywhere to not just say, but to believe, "We're Worth It".
We do this with the help some of the world's most beautiful women, of all ages and ethnic backgrounds in the form of our spokeswomen. Working closely with them, we have further spread the word of our slogan and all it's inspiring capabilities. Aimee Mullins, Paralympic athlete, role model and activist, summarises it perfectly when she says, "It's a very powerful and eternal slogan which we can all claim for our own, no matter our age, ethnicity or body shape. If you can remind yourself that you are WORTH investing in, others will treat you that way too". Hollywood actress Eva Longoria agrees, and remembering the slogan from an early age, she muses: "It has empowered me in ways I never knew it would in my life and I am sure it empowers other women all over the world".
Cyril Chapuy, the Global President of L'Oréal Paris International, shared his thoughts on this defining slogan in the company's history: "Because I am Worth It has contributed to [L'Oréal's] success story by creating an intimate relationship with every woman from every place. It has accompanied their emancipation, their independence and their progressive recognition in society... Through beauty."

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