martes, 28 de mayo de 2013


Murder on the Orient Express
A young  American was travelling to Venice on the Orient Express. It was a long journey, and he was bored. Sitting opposite him there was an Italian man. He was about 50 years old. He had an English newspaper on the seat next to him.
“Excuse me,” the American said. ‘Can I borrow your newspaper?’
‘No,’ said the Italian. ‘I´m sorry’. You can’t.
‘Why not?’ asked the American.
‘Well,’ said the Italian, ‘it’s quite simple...’
‘If I lend you my newspaper, we’ll start talking.’
‘If we start talking, we´ll become friends.’
‘If we become friends, I´ll invite you to my house in Venice.’
‘If I invite you to my house in Venice, you’ll meet my beautiful daughter.’
‘If you meet Nicoletta, you’ll fall in love with her.’
‘If you fall in love with her, you’ll run away together.’
‘If you run away together, I’ll find you’.
‘If I find you, I’ll kill you’.
‘So that’s why, I won’t lend you my newspaper.’

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