miércoles, 28 de agosto de 2013


Read carefully and answer the questions:

1. How old is Inés?
2. Who does she live with?
3. Does she live in the north or south of Spain?
4. What city does she live in?
5. Does she live in Seville or outside of Seville?
6. How far does she live from Seville?
7. Does she live 20 kilometers east or
west of Seville?
8. Is she a doctor?
9. What does she do?
10. Does she work in the public sector?
11. Does she work in a law firm?
12. Whose law firm does she work in?
13. Is this her first or second year in the law firm?
14. Does she do a lot of different things in the firm?
15. What kind of things does she do?
16. Why do other people in the firm ask her for help?

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